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As a EU-GMP certified company, TBD-Biodiscovery supplies high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced intermediates to pharmaceutical industry. We are working in small scale with batch size from 0,1 kg to 10 kg.

Small Molecules

Whether the task includes total synthesis of a metabolite via eighteen steps of difficult chemistry, increasing poor yield of an important product or purification of a hopelessly contaminated compound, we are ready solve the problem.


TBD-Biodiscovery´s portfolio includes bioluminescence dyes, fine chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients and their precursors. TBD-Biodiscovery produces ultra-high grade White D-Luciferin and White D-Luciferin K-salt.


TBD-Biodiscovery offers small scale manufacturing and contract research services such as route-scouting, process development and analytics. We are focused on complicated small molecules and low volumes.

Key Persons

Dr. Andrus Tasa
Dr. Andrus Tasa
Chairman of the Council
Dr. Andrus Tasa (PhD in Microbiology) is the Chairman of the Council. Since 2001, he has been active in different businesses, owning and running various companies in the field of real estate, business development consultation, medicine and chemistry.
Mr. Jaanus Vahtra
Mr. Jaanus Vahtra
CEO, Chairman of the Management Board
Jaanus Vahtra (MSc) has graduated the Estonian University of Life Sciences in veterinary medicine. He has long-term expertise in the field of laboratory supplies including measuring instruments, lab equipment, consumables, etc. as well as professional experience gained in a high-level management function involving responsibility for the management of staff and finance.
Dr. Olga Tšubrik
Dr. Olga Tšubrik
Head of Business Development, Member of the Management Board
Dr. Olga Tšubrik (PhD in Organic Chemistry) has extensive experience in strategic business development, international sales, product development and project management.
Dr. Ain Uustare
Dr. Ain Uustare
Head of Chemistry Department
Dr. Ain Uustare (PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry) has joined TBD-Biodiscovery in 2008 as a Project Manager and in 2011 became the Head of Chemistry Department, being responsible for the R&D and production activity in house.

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