Collaboration projects

In order to develop new products and collaboration links TBD-Biodiscovery has participated in several EU projects with international partners (partners from Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Spain etc.).

Some of the projects:

  • The development of semisynthetic technology of anthracycline antibiotic Amrubicin. Duration of the project 2007 – 2009. Project supported by Entreprise Estonia. Main result of the project: Semisynthetic technology of amrubicin synthesis was developed and patented.
  • EstLat Pharma. Duration of the project 2011-2012. Project supported by EstLat programme. Main result of the project: synthesis route of antiviral drug was developed together with Latvian partner.
  • Borte. Duration of the project 2012 – 2015. Project supported by Entreprise Estonia. Main result of the project: Synthesis route of anticancer for multiple myeloma, bortezomib was developed, upscaled and documented according to regulations in cooperation with Latvian partner.
  • MABTOX. Duration of the project 2013 – 2015. Project supported by EU 7th framework programme. Main result of the project: development of new, next generation of antibody-drug-conjugates (ADC), for cancer therapy. In the frame of the project, TBD-Biodiscovery has developed a row of new payloads for ADC and payload-spacer- linker conjugates, which were then transformed into ADC and tested by other partners for the cytotoxic activity.
  • CCHT (Competence Centre on Health Technologies). Duration of the project 2015-2022. Project supported by Entreprise Estonia. TBD-Biodiscovery is a partner in the Drug Development area in aim to develop new toxins and linkers for ADC-s.

TBD-Biodiscovery is looking for partnership to joint collaboration projects in the filed of luminescence dyes, antracycline toxins (ADC-s) and HPAPI development.

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