We are proud and thankful for the opportunity to leave an important footprint in the innovative technologies and production.
We started off with providing services for pharma and biotech. This has lead us to new challenges such as contribution to modern anti-cancer drug development, innovative diagnostics methods and smart solutions for chemical and agrochemical industry.

Today we have partners worldwide: EU, Switzerland, United States, Israel and Russia.

We offer:

  • Excellence in multi-step synthesis, route-scouting for drug candidates and process development including our special knowledge in oligo-peptidomimetics, anthracyclines and pheromones.
  • GMP-certified manufacture of commercial and clinical API and HPAPI batches, containing CMC/ASMF documentation,  impurity synthesis and full analytical package.
  • Our products including Ultrahigh grade D-Luciferin and D-Luciferin K-salt for in vivo and in vitro research.
  • Extensive experience in analytics: routine analysis, method development, method validation and client support during submission.