About Us

TBD-Biodiscovery is an independent Estonian company, founded in 2006 by private capital. Our business started with contract services and grew up to small scale API/HPAPI manufacturing and development of our  own products portfolio which includes Ultrahigh grade D-Luciferin, fine chemicals and active ingredients.

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TBD-Biodiscovery also provides a number of contract services for biotech, pharma, drug development and agrochemical companies and has partners worldwide: European Union, Switzerland, United States, Israel and Russia.

TBD-Biodiscovery has certificate of GMP compliance to manufacture non-sterile active pharmaceutical ingredients by chemical synthesis and has successfully passed audits by customers and State Agency of Medicines.  

2006    TBD-Biodiscovery is established by entrepreneurs and scientists.

2008    GMP compliance certificate is issued by State Agency of Medicines.

2010    Class D clean-room and first manufacturing unit is constructed.

2011    First batches of active ingredients produced.

2012    New premises for R&D and manufacturing (> 250 m2). 

2013    TBD-Biodiscovery has customers worldwide  (EU, Switzerland, US, Israel, Russia). Amrubicin semisynthetic technology is patented in the European Union. The company contributed to several EU-projects, organized through Enterprise Estonia (EU regional fund). TBD-Biodiscovery participates in the EU-project MABTOX, dedicated to development of next-generation Antibody-Toxin-Conjugates for cancer therapy.

2014    Additional separate GMP-facility for anticancers.

2015    Development of new payloads and linkers for Antibody-Toxin-Conjugates. Manufacturing of the Ultrahigh grade D-Luciferin and D-Luciferin K-salt starts.