maja2TBD-Biodiscovery is located in Tartu Biotechnology Park.  At the moment the company has 377 sqm of laboratory, office and production space:

  • GMP facility for production of API in up to 10 kg/batch scale. The facility includes fume hoods, glass reactors (20L- 100 L), rotary evaporators and all the necessary manufacturing equipment 
  • GMP clean room of class D equipped with drying cabinet and filtration systems
  • A separate GMP facility for production of cytotoxics in up to 300 g/batch scale (located on the another floor, separate ventilation systems, Safety Cabinet and special filters installed)
  • Synthetic chemistry labs equipped with fumehoods and special ventilation, rotary evaporators, a lyophilizer and two preparative HPLC machines
  • Analytical lab for both routine analyses and method development/method validation. The lab has three HPLC and GC systems, GC/MS, FTIR, UV-VIS
  • Storage facilities
  • Office rooms