Social responsibilities


Since 2007, TBD-Biodiscovery has supported talented young chemists studying in secondary and high schools. 

  • TBD-Biodiscovery is a sponsor of Estonian team on the National and International Chemistry Olympiad.
  • TBD-Biodiscovery OÜ contribution to the EACH (Excellence in Analytical Chemistry) programme.

TBD-Biodiscovery team thanks Santosh for being with us and wishes him all success in this interesting field of life he has chosen for his future!

EACH is a two-year joint master’s programme, which aim is to educate specialists in analytical chemistry (//

In the summer of 2016 TBD-Biodiscovery gave an opportunity to Santosh Raman Acharya from Nepal to work in our analytical laboratory as a practitioner under the supervision of Dr. Lauri Jalukse (Head of QC laboratory at the time).

In the summer on 2018 we had the pleasure of offering two internships positions. Diana Visanu from Moldova and Hiu Mun Man from Hong-Kong were both under the supervision of Kerli Martin (Head of QC laboratory).

Feedback from Santosh (Nepal):

„I was excited and nervous at the same time when I got chance to do internship on QC department of TBD.  I chose TBD because it had a lot of analytical techniques that I could experience at the same time.
I hit the ground working on different projects with different team using different techniques.
The most inspiring part was all the TBD employees welcomed me as a member of the team and truly expected me to make a contribution from the first day. Everyone I met, from company manager to colleagues working together, helped me grow, both as an employee and a person.
I am sad to leave but confident I have indeed learned a lot of practical skills and a well-rounded vision of analytical lab which will be definitely useful in my future.
I’ve really enjoyed the learning atmosphere at TBD and the wonderful people I’ve worked alongside.“

Feedback from Hiu Mun Man (Hong Kong):

„I am really grateful for the four-week internship at TBD-Biodiscovery. I had the opportunity to work with very nice people and various instruments in the QC lab, such as Karl Fischer and GC. „

Feedback from Diana Visanu (Moldova):

„My internship at “TBD Biodiscovery”  had offered me a valuable opportunity to acquaint myself with a vast array of analytical techniques, as well as the possibility to work in a GMP environment and deepen my knowledge of method development and validation.“