Supervisory Board

Dr. Ago Rinken : Chairman of the Council

Dr. Ago Rinken


Chairman of the Council


Dr. Ago Rinken (PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry) is the Chairman of the Council. He is an expert in bioorganic chemistry. His main fields of interest include design of new biologically active compounds, validation of their activity determination methods and determination of sensitivities of drug targets in animal models. Dr. Rinken has published more than 60 scientific papers in the international peer-reviewed journals; he also has experience in R&D projects within EU framework as well as with other companies.


Dr. Uno Mäeorg : Senior Consulting

Dr. Uno Mäeorg


Senior Consulting


Dr. Uno Mäeorg (PhD in Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry) is an expert in the synthesis of acetylene and alkene derivatives, indole derivatives, protected and multisubstituted (aryl, alkyl, acyl) hydrazine derivatives and the derivatization of carbon nanostructures. Dr. Mäeorg has more than 60 publications in peer-reviewed international journals and 20 years of experience in contract R&D projects. These projects have involved the commercial preparation of various pheromones, further successfully used in the agriculture, and several original approaches for the synthesis of acetylenes, stereoselective methods for preparation of alkenes and synthesis of x-ray contrast medium that have been developed and applied in multikilo scale production. The technologies were patented in Russia.


Olev Matt : Board Member

Olev Matt


Board Member