Team Leaders

Dr. Ain Uustare : Qualified Person, Head of R&D Department

Dr. Ain Uustare


Qualified Person, Head of R&D Department


Dr. Ain Uustare (PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry) joined TBD-Biodiscovery in 2008 as a Project Manager and in 2011 he took the position of the Head of Chemistry Department. His responsibilities included R&D projects management, supervision of contract manufacturing campaigns and providing instructions for Project Managers in the company. He has extensive experience in route-scouting, feasibility studies, process development, contract manufacturing, upscale and also synthesis of cytotoxics and HPAPI. Since 2008 Ain has also actively participated in the implementation of quality system in the company, developing documentation of standard operation procedures for manufacturing and process validation. Since 2011 he has also been the Production Manager in GMP-regulated manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, pre-formulations and excipients. Starting the 1st January 2018, Ain has became the Qualified Person in the company.

Mr. Ivan Ogibalov : Head of Production

Mr. Ivan Ogibalov


Head of Production


Mr. Ivan Ogibalov (MSc in Organic Chemistry) joined TBD-Biodiscovery’s team in 2009 as a synthetic chemist. He always wanted his skill in organic synthesis to be useful to other people. He has contributed to many projects including customs synthesis and route-scouting of drug candidates, multistep synthesis of natural compounds, feasibility studies, upscale to multi-kilo level and contract manufacturing. In 2014 he became a Project Manager and shortly later a Senior Project Manager. He has supervised many R&D projects and has top-notch skills in the synthesis of oligopeptidomimetics, peptide linkers, cytotoxic peptides, aminoglycosides and experience in GMP-production. His responsibility was to guarantee the highest performance in the R&D projects and contract manufacturing. In January 2018 he became the Head of Production of the company.

Dr. Maarja-Liisa Oldekop : Head of Quality Department

Dr. Maarja-Liisa Oldekop


Head of Quality Department


Maarja-Liisa Oldekop (PhD in chemistry) defended her degree in the University of Tartu in the field of analytical chemistry. She is experienced in liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS): sample preparation (including derivatization), method development and validation.
She has five years of quality management experience from the Testing Centre of University of Tartu, which is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing and calibration laboratory.
Maarja-Liisa joined TBD-Biodiscovery in the fall of 2017. Her main responsibility is to ensure that the quality management system (QMS) is continuously compliant with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and appropriate standards for pharma industry.

Ms. Kerli Martin : Head of QC Laboratory

Ms. Kerli Martin


Head of QC Laboratory


Kerli Martin (MSc in Analytical Chemistry) is experienced in the field of supramolecular chemistry, in determining the binding affinity of synthetic receptors, and in different instrumental analyses (ISE sensors, HPLC, GC, AAS, AES, UV-VIS, Fluroscence, NMR, cKF, etc). Kerli joined TBD-Biodiscovery in the fall of 2017 as a senior analytical chemist. In January 2018 she became a Head of QC Laboratory. Her main responsibility is to manage, plan and direct Quality Control laboratory to ensure the chemical analyses are performed according to proprietary methods and provide the highest quality analytical support for development and manufacturing, while ensuring compliance with protocols, GMP and safety regulations.

Mr. Andi Kipper : Deputy Head of R&D Department

Mr. Andi Kipper


Deputy Head of R&D Department


Andi Kipper (MSc in organic chemistry) has been associated with TBD Biodiscovery since 2010. Initially he worked as a chemist and in 2013 he was promoted to project manager. His responsibilities included managing R&D projects both in the planning and the laboratory phase.

In 2014 he left the company to further his education and started PhD studies in the Leibniz University Hannover in Germany. He worked on total synthesis of polyketide natural products obtaining extensive knowledge on different synthetic methodologies. His expertise includes stereoselective synthesis, aldol reactions and boron-mediated organic transformations. He submitted his thesis in September 2018 and shortly after joined TBD Biodiscovery’s R&D department. In January 2019 he was promoted to Deputy Head of R&D Department.