Dr. Andrus Tasa

Chairman of the Management Board

Dr. Andrus Tasa (PhD in Microbiology) is the Chairman of the Management Board. He started his career as a researcher in the University of Tartu and continued in the university administration. His responsibilities included R&D management, innovation, foreign relations, protection of the University’s intellectual property, and orchestration and conduction of large development projects at the University. 15 years ago he finished his academic career and continued in private businesses. Since then he has been an owner and also been managing various companies in the field of life sciences, chemistry, medicine, business development and the real estate. He is a Chairman of the Board of Competence Centre of Health Technologies and the Member of the Board of Tartu Biotechnology Park.

Dr. Olga Tšubrik

Member of the Management Board

Dr. Olga Tšubrik (PhD in Organic Chemistry) has extensive experience in strategic business development, international sales, product development and project management. She joined the company in 2008 as the Head of Development, responsible for the management of R&D projects, customer relationship management and sales. Dr. Tšubrik has participated in several R&D projects, supported by EU structural funds through EAS (Enteprise Estonia). As the company has substantially grown over the years, in 2011 Dr. Tšubrik has taken the position of the Head of Business Development, focusing her activities on the company’s performance, sales strategy and product pipeline. As a Member of Management Board, Dr. Tšubrik has responsibility to secure the revenues of the company and assure the company’s growth.