Dr. Olga Tšubrik

Head of Business Development
Tel: +372 747 7001


Ms. Triin Käbin

Purchasing and Logistics manager
Tel: +372 747 7001






Ms. Tiina Tasa

Administrative manager
Tel: +372 747 7001


Address: Tiigi 61b, 50410 Tartu  ESTONIA
Tel: +372 747 7001

General info:

Registry Code: 11204964
VAT Nr.: EE101057350
EU VAT Directive nº: 2006/112/EC

Estonia is located in the northern-part of Europe.
Tartu is the second biggest city after capital Tallinn.
From Tallinn airport it is approximately 1h50min drive to our office.

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TBD-Biodiscovery is a GMP-certified contract manufacturing company in Estonia focusing its activities towards  synthetic chemistry and API product development.
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