Payloads and ADC

TBD-Biodiscovery has top expertise in complex multistep chemical synthesis, with special skills and experiences in chemistry of auristatins, anthracyclines and oligopeptidomimetics (e.g. tubulysins) used as toxins (payloads) for Antibody Drug Conjugates.

We have extensive experience in conjugation of different payloads with cleavable and non-cleavable linkers/spacers and isolation/purification of the obtained conjugates. This is why we offer conjugation as a routine service – payloads to linkers/spacers as well as chemical conjugation of the intermediate payload linker conjugate to an antibody.


  • Separate facility for production of HPAPIs
  • Experience in GMP-certified production of anticancer compounds
  • Experience with highly toxic materials

Safety of the people comes first! We have established a separate facility for production of cytotoxic compounds. Standard operation procedures for work safety and containment monitoring are implemented. Employees who work in HPAPI facility have special training and wear protective suits with breathing protection.