Expertise in chemistry

  • Total synthesis (20-30 steps) of natural products
  • Complex carbohydrate chemistry (multistep synthesis and glycosylation)
  • Polycyclic compounds including anthracyclines and aziridine natural products
  • Organometallics including Grignard and their reactions
  • Impurities of APIs, metabolites of agrochemicals
  • Cytotoxics (HPAPI), auristatins, tubulysines
  • Metal-catalyzed and transfer hydrogenation
  • Peptide couplings and similar coupling reactions
  • Peptidomimetics and oligopeptidomimetics.
  • Bioluminescent dyes (Luciferins, coelenterazines)
  • Metal-mediated reactions
  • Pheromones and their derivatives: Lobesia botrana, Cydia pomonella etc.
  • Near – IR dyes (ICG salts)

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